University’s Plan To Return To Campus

After major Covid-19 rules were relaxed, the University of the Western Cape revealed its strategy for how they intended to resume academic activities on campus.

The Executive Management Committee of the University of the Western Cape (UWC) has approved the final Return-to-Campus Risk Plan (EMC).

As a result, all University employees and students will gradually return to campus in accordance with the Covid-19 Alert Levels in order to participate in face-to-face instruction.

This return would be in line with UWC’s mandate to provide in-person learning and serve the interests of its students who would be able to enjoy the benefits of in-person learning and campus life.

Staff, students, and all those visiting the University will be allowed to enter the campus without having to present a Vaccination Card/Certificate or a negative PCR test.

According to a Soft Mandate, for the rest of the 2023 academic year, students will be allowed to register whether they are vaccinated or not. The institution has stated that Hard Mandates are no longer applicable on campus.

UWC has however encouraged all those returning to campus to observe all the other relevant Covid-19 protocols while they are on campus, regardless of their vaccination status.

They aim to maintain a safe working and learning environment and have recommended that everyone returning to campus wear masks, and social distance, and get vaccinated as these individuals will be working in close proximity to one another.

In complying with the protocols UWC said:

Stakeholders are encouraged to wear masks indoors and must ensure that they comply with all of the University’s health and safety protocols and the necessary social distancing rules applicable from time to time.

Social distancing remains in place at the University, with all individuals on campus urged to maintain distance in lecture venues as well as in confined common areas such as elevators. The University will make use of floor markings and signs to ensure that everyone maintains a safe distance from each other.

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There will also be access to hand sanitizers and other hygiene products at entrances and exits across the campus.

Anyone who shows serious Covid-19 symptoms are not to go onto the UWC campus and must contact their doctor. They will be required to isolate themselves until they are able to visit a doctor or medical facility.

The University says should there be an exposure to Covid-19 on campus that it will engage with a service provider on an ongoing contractual basis to provide deep cleaning services.


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