Smartphone Job Photo/Video Content Creator (short clips)

Earn money by taking pictures or filming short video clips (10-60 seconds) of everyday situations or objects for AI training purposes (recognition software). Filming topics are changing regularly, but here are some very common themes: film a room, your pet or people doing a specific action (clapping, waving, etc).

All you need is a smart phone with an Internet connection, the ability to follow instructions and of course the clickworker app – no technical or filmmaking skills are required. When or how many jobs you want to do is completely up to you!

How to apply
Sign up as a Clickworker in our clickworker app. Find currently available jobs directly in your job list. Get paid weekly or on a monthly basis.

Project Scope
Most projects are either ongoing or are uploaded at regular intervals. This means, they may not be present all the time. If you do not see a project right after you sign up at clickworker, please keep checking back. We will also email workers when a project is launched.

About the company
Clickworker is a crowdsourcing platform that, with the aid of its online community of freelancers, called Clickworkers, handles large-scale business processes for multinational companies.
Simply put, when a company presents us with a project, we divide it into micro-tasks and then offer these to Clickworkers to complete and earn money online.

Interested? To become a Clickworker please download our Clickworker App:

Please do not reply to this ad. Application for this job can only be done on our clickworker app.

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Christian Hilfe
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