What Happens If You Don’t Appeal Your Rejected SRD Application?

Many applicants for the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant have had their applications rejected for various reasons, but the question is what will happen if they don’t appeal this status? Here is what the Independent Appeals Tribunal said on the matter.

Under the new rules for the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) announced that the appeals process will be taken over by the Independent Appeals Tribunal.

This means that Sassa is no longer involved with the appeals process as the Independent Appeals Tribunal is independent of them.

If your application for the R350 grant was rejected and you disagree with the decision then you are allowed to lodge an application appeal, which the Independent Appeals Tribunal will evaluate before giving you an outcome.

The Independent Appeals Tribunal states that those who do not lodge an appeal for each month that their R350 grant application was rejected by Sassa, will cause their application to remain rejected.

Applicants have been encouraged to appeal for every month that they were rejected as appealing for one month won’t have the Independent Tribunal evaluate all the months that they were rejected.

If you are looking to submit an appeal then you can do so using the following website: https://srd.dsd.gov.za/appeals/.

Applicants must only make use of this website to submit appeals for the R350 SRD grant.

It is recommended that applicants submit their appeals within the first 30 days after receiving a rejected status, however, 90 days is the deadline.

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Once the appeal has been submitted then the Independent Tribunal will aim to finalize the appeal within 60-90 days from the date on which the appeal was received.

Here’s How To Track R350 Grant Appeals

  • Visit the following website: https://srd.dsd.gov.za/appeals/appeal
  • Fill in your South African Identification (ID) number
  • Fill in the phone number used to submit your application
  • Click “send pin” to get a one-time pin which will be sent to the phone number that you filled in above.
  • Once you receive the pin you will have to fill it in in order to access your R350 grant appeal status.


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