Vacancies At Rosebank College

IIE Rosebank College is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE). If you are passionate about education and excellent client experience, working with us could be for you.

Our team and brand are vibrant, industrious, dynamic, and full of life. Our purpose is to change lives by making education accessible.

Independent Contractors – Bloemfontein

Lecturer-(Independent Contractor/Part-time )-Graphic designer

Lecturer-(Independent Contractor/ Part-time)-Human Resource

Lecturer-Independent Contractor(Business management)

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-time) -Accounting and related Fields

Lecturer-Independent Contractor(Tourism management)

Lecturer-Independent Contractor/Part-time(Project management)

Independent Contractors – Cape Town

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-time) – Graphic Design

Part-Time Lecturer – Information Technology

Part-Time Lecturer in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Independent Lecturer – Journalism Sub-Editing

Part-time Lecturer in Software Development

Part-Time Lecturer – Network Management

Intermediate Phase Lecturer, SOE (Independent Contractor / Part-time)

Foundation Phase Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-time)

Part-time Lecturer -Public relations/Corporate Communication Specialist

Part-Time Lecturer – Software Development

Independent Contractors – Durban

Programme Manager: ICT

Independent Contractors – Pietermaritzburg

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) -Payroll

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time)-Business Management and Human Resources

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) -Public Relations

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Logistics & Supply Chain

Independent Contractors – Polokwane

Lecturer( Independent Contractor)-ICT

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-time) – ICT

Independent Contractors – Pretoria CBD

Independent Contractor – ICT(Programming)

Independent Contractors Braamfontein

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – First Additional Language

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Intermediate Phase English

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Graphic Design

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Public Relations

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Project Management

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – English Language and Literature

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Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Human Resources Management

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – ICT Lecturer

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Logistics & Supply Chain

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Marketing

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Business Management

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – ICT

Teaching Experience Supervisor for Foundation Phase (Independent Contractors/ Part-time)

Rosebank College Bloemfontein

Programme Coordinator-Humanities

Lecturer – Supply Chain Logistics

Programme Coordinator – ICT

Programme Coordinator – Commerce

Lecturer – ICT

Rosebank College Braamfontein

Programme Coordinator – Public Administration & Politics

Senior ICT Support

Programme Coordinator – Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Lecturer – ICT (Programming in Java, C#, Web Development and/or Android Development)

Information Specialist Assistant

Lecturer – Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Educational Technologist

Programme Coordinator – Marketing

Programme Coordinator – Human Resource Management

Academic Operations Co-ordinator

Academic Operations Officer

Lecturer – Accounting

Lecturer – Work Integrated Learning Coordinator

Student Adviser

Programme Coordinator – ICT Programming

Lecturer – Graphic Design

Lecturer – Tourism

Head of Academics – Student Support

Lecturer – Programming ICT

ICT Support

Rosebank College Cape Town

Programe Manager – Faculty of Information Technology

Head Of Operations

Head of Academics

Lecturer, Information Communication Technology

Part Time Lecturer – Human Resource Management

Assistant Information Specialist

Senior ICT Support

Student Advsior

Programme Co-Ordinator

Part Time Lecturer – Public Administration

Rosebank College Central Support Office

Call Centre Operator

Campus Head – Polokwane

Snr HR Officer – Talent Acquisition

Campus Head

Rosebank College Durban

Programme Co-Ordinator: School of Education

Lecturer: School Of Education

Lecturer – Finance

Lecturer – Accounting or Financial Management

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Teaching Experience Coordinator

Lecturer: Supply Chain & Logistics

Programme Co-ordinator : ICT

Programme Manager: Supply Chain & Logistics

Programme Manager: School of Education

Lecturer : ICT

Programme Co-ordinator : Supply Chain & Logistics

Rosebank College Nelson Mandela Bay

Programme Co-ordinator – ICT

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Public Relations

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Marketing

Lecturer-(Independent Contractor/ Part-Time)-Commercial Law

Lecturer-(Independent Contractor/ Part-Time)-Economics and business

Lecturer – Logistics

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – IT & Networks

Lecturer-(Independent Contractor/ Part-Time)-Logistics

Lecturer-(Independent Contractor/ Part-Time)-HR/Industrial Relations

Programme Coordinator: Supply Chain Logistics

Lecturer – ICT

Lecturer (Independent Contractor/ Part-Time) – Media Law/Communication

Lecturer-(Independent Contractor/ Part-Time)-Project Management

Lecturer-(Independent Contractor/ Part-Time)-Business Management

Programme Coordinator-Commerce

Lecturer-Human Resource Management

Rosebank College Online Centre

Assistant Information Specialist

Academic Operations Administrator-Maternity Leave Cover

Rosebank College Pietermaritzburg

Sales Manager


Programme Coordinator-Commerce/Humanities

Programme Coordinator – ICT

Lecturer – Logistics & Supply Chain

Programme Coordinator – Commerce (Logistics & Supply Chain)

Rosebank College Polokwane

Lecturer – Commerce( Human Resource Management)

Lecturer- ICT

Lecturer – ICT

Programme Coordinator – Commerce (Logistics & Supply Chain)

Programme Coordinator – ICT

Assistant Information Specialist

Lecturer – Commerce Faculty (Supply Chain Logistics)

Rosebank College Pretoria CBD

Lecturer – Languages (isiZulu)

Lecturer – ICT (Networking)

Programme Manager – Commerce

Junior Lecturer

Student Wellness Manager

Lecture – Foundation Phase Specialist

Lecturer – ICT Programming

Lecturer – School of Education


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