TWK Agri: Apprenticeship 2023


TWK Agri: Apprenticeship Opportunity 2023/how to apply!

TWK Agri has the following vacancy available: Apprentice (Diesel Mechanic) within the Trade Division at Standerton, Mpumalanga.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Participate in the training plan for the apprenticeship
  • Perform duties required and make reasonable progress to achieve the competencies in the training plan
  • As instructed, undertake and attend any training or assessment related to the training plan
  • Keep the training record (logbook) in possession, and produce it to the employer and/or training provider, when requested
  • Acknowledge that all workplace instructions and other material that comes into the apprentice’s possession, as a result of the training, remains the property of the employer
  • Obey all workplace Health & Safety and code of conduct workplace rules
Check Requirements and Apply:

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