This NSFAS Platform Is Not Working Right Now

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, what we know as NSFAS, just had another issue come knocking on its door as one of its platforms is out of order. NSFAS regularly uses this platform to relay updates to students.

A new week, a new problem. This was the case for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) when they announced on Monday that their Facebook is down. What exactly is going on?

NSFAS explained that their Facebook is “currently blocked by the platform provider and is unavailable”. Usually, NSFAS would use Facebook to share updates as well as speak to NSFAS beneficiaries. They will unfortunately now not be able to do so.

The scheme also made it clear that they only have one official NSFAS page and due to it being blocked, it won’t pop up when searching for it. This then means that students should beware of fake pages pretending to be NSFAS which might be providing false updates.

Students should also be careful about responding to messages from people posing as NSFAS and giving out personal information to these pages which could negatively impact them.

There have been many cases before which saw NSFAS students giving out personal information such as their ID numbers and passwords which lead to their NSFAS allowances being stolen. For many students, this is their bread and butter for the month.

Other platforms students can reach NSFAS for updates or queries include:

NSFAS has said that they are working with Facebook to fix the issue and went on to apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused.

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