The Gauteng School Applications Open Tomorrow

Are you a parent or guardian looking to have your child admitted in Grade 1 or Grade 8 at a public school in Gauteng? Well, you are only one sunrise away from taking the first step in doing so.

Parents and guardians who have been waiting for the 2023 Gauteng online school admission application window to open need not wait any longer than a day. The education department in the province has announced that admission applications for Grade 1 and Grade 8 open on Friday 22 July 2023 until 19 August 2023 at midnight.

To guarantee their child a spot in a Gauteng public school in 2023, the department has urged parents and guardians to submit an online application at

After submitting an application, they will receive SMS notifications of placement offers to accept or reject between 3 October and 31 October 2023.

The GDE’s online application system has been improved to follow a single application process, enabling all applicants to apply at the same time during the application period.
This is the result of an examination of several online parent surveys and stakeholder consultations.

Within seven days of submitting their online application, parents and guardians need to upload or send certified copies of the documents listed below:

  1. Parent and child ID or passport
  2. Refugee Permit
  3. Asylum Seeker Permit
  4. Permanent Residence Permit
  5. Study Permit
  6. South African birth certificate
  7. Proof of home address
  8. Proof of work address
  9. Latest school report and clinic card/immunization report (Grade 1 only)
  10. After the application period closes, parents and guardians will have seven days after 26 August 2023 to upload or submit their required documentation listed above.
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The GDE did note that documents uploaded or submitted after the application period’s deadline will be regarded as incomplete applications and will only be placed at open schools between 1 December and 15 December 2023, according to the GDE.

Schools will be notified automatically each time new documents are uploaded, both during and up to 7 days after the conclusion of the application process, so as to reduce the chance that they may overlook an applicant with uploaded documents. All uploaded documents will be highlighted by the system for verification.


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