Public Comment on Proposed New School Calendar is Accepted

The Education Department has finally produced the proposed public school calendar for the 2025 school year after engaging with relevant stakeholders in the Education Sector. The public has been given an opportunity to make comments on it.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has confirmed that it had been engaging and consulting with the Council of Education Ministers on a proposed calendar for South African public schools.

This calendar will determine how many weeks will learners in public schools attend school, the number of holidays to be observed, and notify them of when schools reopen per school quarter.

In a notice, the Education Department’s Minister Angie Motshekga stated the following:

I invite stakeholder bodies and members of the public to comment on the Proposed 2025 School Calendar.

Should you be an interested person or organization, the department has invited you to forward your comment in writing or direct the comments to the department’s Director-General, Sihle Mlambo via e-mail at [email protected] and copy [email protected].

The public has been given a month to make its submissions to the Mlambo after the publication of this notice.

It is said that a notice depicting this message had been published on 4 August 2023, as the actually proposed school calendar, it can be obtained online.

As per the summary of this calendar, both coastal and inland public schools will open and close simultaneously throughout the year.

It is important that persons interested in making comments do so, as the public’s participation is vital in this process of amendments to existing school laws and actual days of school attendance.


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