Pearson Institute of Higher Education Academic Calendar & Dates 2023-2024

Academic Calendar & Dates for Pearson Institute of Higher Education 2023-2024 (Download PDF)

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The academic year in South Africa corresponds to the calendar year.

Two semesters make up an academic year. The first semester will begin in early February and conclude by the end of July. Between the two periods, there is a three-week holiday. The second semester concludes in November.

A university semester, often known as a ‘term’ at some institutions, divides the academic year into discrete blocks of instruction and evaluations. Each semester lasts 12 weeks on average and consists of a mix of lectures, tutorials, examinations, and vacations.

Students and employees can return to their workplaces on campus, and all teaching and learning will continue.

2023-2024 Public and School Holidays

New Year’s Day is January 1st.
Human Rights Day is celebrated on March 21st.
22nd of March: National Holiday
Good Friday is April 2nd.
Family Day is celebrated on April 5th.
Independence Day is celebrated on April 27th.
The 26th of April is a school holiday.
Workers’ Day is May 1st.
Youth Day is celebrated on June 16th.
National Women’s Day is celebrated on August 9th.
Heritage Day is celebrated on September 24th.
The 16th of December is the National Day of Reconciliation.
Christmas Day is December 25th.
Goodwill Day is celebrated on December 26th.

Students have a lot of spare time during the holidays. However, it is critical to make the most of this moment and to remain focused on the future. There are certain things you can do to help you relax while staying on track with your profession.

6 Ways to Maximize Your University Holidays

  • Make an application for an internship.
  • Look for part-time work throughout the holidays.
  • Volunteer
  • Consider taking an online course.
  • Attend presentations and events by reading
  • Finally, remember to have a good time.
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