Panel Finds Systemic Racism Present At Durban School

A girls’ secondary school located in Durban has come under public scrutiny after allegations of racial discrimination against black learners and staff members were leveled against the school’s principal. The provincial education department recently tabled the findings of a report following a probe into the matter.

The independent panel that looked into allegations of racism at Grosvenor Girls High School in Durban found that there was a structural issue with blackness there. This comes after the KwaZulu-Natal Education MEC, Kwazi Mshengu, has now released a report which contained these findings.

The probe came after complaints from black parents that the principal was racist and allegedly referred to their children as monkeys. The school’s principal has now been placed on precautionary suspension.

Speaking on the matter, during the issuing of the report, the MEC went on to say that the principal played a significant role in stoking racial tensions among learners and staff members.

The report indicates that actually the principal has been at the cutting edge of entrenching racism in that school there’s a general feeling among the African support staff that they are not treated with respect dignity and racism by the school management.

They further pointed out that this discriminatory and human treatment was perpetrated by both white and Indian members of the school management.

Mshengu added that the principal spoke badly of township schools and did not hide her prejudice against schools located in townships.

Furthermore, evidence has also revealed that the principal constantly shouted at black learners reminding them that Krasner Girls High is not a township school and they should go back to these township schools.


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