Impact of SRD Grant on NSFAS

If you are an R350 SRD grant recipient who wants to apply for Nsfas, you might be wondering if you’ll be able to qualify for the bursary program. Here is how Nsfas might be impacted by the R350 funding.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) offers financial aid to underprivileged South African students for their postsecondary studies at the nation’s public higher education institutions.

Numerous persons from underprivileged backgrounds who apply for Nsfas might already be eligible for the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award, which is given to unemployed people with no other means of support.

However, if you are an R350 grant beneficiary and you want to apply for Nsfas, once you’re approved for Nsfas, you’ll no longer qualify for the R350 grant.

This is because the R350 grant is for those who don’t receive any grants or UIF funds and Nsfas falls under the grant category which then results in Nsfas students not qualifying for the grant.

These R350 grant beneficiaries are able to apply for a Nsfas bursary if they are already receiving SRD grant payments. Should they meet the NSFAS requirements, they will be accepted even if they are an R350 grant beneficiary.

They will then however no longer qualify for the R350 grant and payments will stop once Sassa does it’s monthly reviews.

Their Sassa grant status check will read ‘Nsfas registered’ and they will be declined.

No person is able to receive both Nsfas funding and R350 grant payments.

Should you however be receiving any other SASSA grants besides the R350 grant, you will immediately qualify to be funded by Nsfas.

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It is important to check the Nsfas requirements when you apply to see if you would qualify for the bursary scheme.


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