First National Bank (FNB): Quantitative Analyst Internships

First National Bank (FNB): Quantitative Analyst Internships and how to apply and closing date!

First National Bank (FNB): Quantitative Analyst Internship

Role purpose: To retrieve and manipulate data in order to enable model building and quantitative solutions. To conduct analysis and reports within a specified framework, process, and procedure, under guidance.


  • Act responsibly with work-related resources in order to contribute to cost containment
  • Develop, encourage and nurture collaborative relationships within FNB and/or across the FRG
  • Comply with relevant statutory, legislative, policy, and governance requirements as well as set processes and procedures related to the area of specialization_LoW2
  • Build and maintain stakeholder relationships
  • Address customer needs in order to meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Continuously assess own performance, seek timely and clear feedback, and request training where appropriate
  • Increase understanding of the business environment, business offering, and customer experience
  • Compile reports that track progress and guide businesses to make informed decisions
  • Contribute to innovation by finding faster and more accurate ways of working



  • B Degree in:
  1. Maths,
  2. Stats,
  3. Engineering,
  4. Computer Science,
  5. Econometrics,
  6. Physics
  7. Actuarial Science

NB. In accordance with National Credit Act (NCA),  candidates applying for this role will require a credit record check.

How to Apply
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