Education Minister Urges Girls To Continue Their Education

For years, young South African women have faced numerous challenges and barriers that restrict them from getting a decent education. Historically, the patriarchal nature of South African society has always classified women to be child bearers and keepers of the home.

As South Africa commemorates Women’s Month this August, women are constantly reminded that despite progress made in recent years there are still major problems of inequality that need to be addressed, especially with regards to the education of young girls.

Women’s Month has sparked many conversations and discussions on the inequalities and brutalities the women in the country still face on a daily basis. Whether it be the gender-based violence scourge, high unemployment, femicide, as well the importance of education for young girls and women in South Africa.

During a conversation between Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga and Former Basic Education Department Deputy Director General, Palesa Tyobeka they outline the importance of women education and why young girls should stay in school.

Palesa Tyobeka said:

Girls education is so important. I know we say it lightly and we often say we (you) educate the woman you educate a nation. But it is so true.

Data suggest that in many cases girls are outperforming men whether it be at school or in the workplace, so continuing to encourage young girls to remain in school is crucial.

“Girls education is it. They must stay in school and look after themselves and their families.” Says Motshekga.

Minister Motshekga says that there is no better investment than investing in the education of the girl as it would be of great benefit to society.

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There are many disadvantages that pose challenges and threats for girls at school, for one the infrastructure at many schools has made it impossible for young girls to feel safe.

There is a lot that can be done to ensure that young girl are learning in a safe and welcoming environment.

“School toilets are not placed in a way that can protect our children from being abused.” says Tyobeka.

Emphasising on the importance of girl education , Tyobeka added that government needs to continue with the school policies that are in of favour girls staying in school, especially the policy that allows girls to return to school if they have fallen pregnant.


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