Coca-Cola Packaging Learnership programs 2023-2024 | How to Apply

Application for the Coca-Cola Packaging learnership 2023/2024, is open for the available applicant, hurry now to apply, so you won’t miss the opportunity. Eligibility, application form, requirements, selection process, application deadline and application acceptance list for the 2023 learnership program.

Looking for a learnership in South Africa in 2023 as a part-student, worker or a nonworker ? For its Learnership Programme 2023, Coca-Cola Packaging is now accepting applications from qualified students who meet the prerequisites. The actions you must perform in order to complete the application are listed below.  

In 2023, learnerships continued to play a crucial role in empowering individuals with practical skills and knowledge in various fields. Learnerships are structured vocational training programs that combine classroom-based learning with practical work experience, providing participants with an opportunity to gain valuable skills while earning a stipend.

The year 2023 witnessed a diverse range of learnerships across industries, including but not limited to, information technology, healthcare, finance, engineering, hospitality, and retail. These learnerships were designed to address the specific needs of each sector, equipping learners with industry-relevant competencies and preparing them for successful careers.

 Application Details for Coca-Cola Packaging Learnership 2023/2024

Are you ready to apply for the Coca-Cola Packaging learnership ? All the details regarding the Coca-Cola Packaging learnership, including: Application form, how to apply online, requirements and application deadline are all available right here on

Benefits From Learnerships

  1. Practical Work Experience: Learnerships provide participants with the opportunity to gain practical work experience in their chosen field. This hands-on experience is highly valuable and enhances their employability.
  2. Skills Development: Learnerships focus on a combination of theoretical learning and practical training. Participants acquire specific skills and knowledge related to their industry, which increases their competence and makes them more attractive to potential employers.
  3. Industry Recognition: Completing a learnership demonstrates a commitment to professional development and continuous learning. Employers often recognize learnerships as a credible qualification, enhancing the learner’s reputation within the industry.
  4. Increased Employability: Learnerships equip participants with industry-relevant skills, making them more employable. Employers value the practical experience gained during learnerships, which can give learners a competitive edge in the job market.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Learnerships provide opportunities to network with professionals in the industry. Engaging with experienced individuals and building connections can lead to future job opportunities, mentorship, and access to valuable resources.
  6. Financial Support: In some cases, learners may receive financial support during their learnership, such as a stipend or allowance. This assistance can help learners cover their living expenses while they gain practical experience and acquire new skills.
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The successful candidate will report directly to the Training Controller.

The learner will be exposed to:

  • Bottling processes and procedures
  • Safety and housekeeping standards
  • Quality tests and specifications
  • Food handling practices


  • Grade 12 with Mathematics (NOT Mathematics Literacy) and Physical Sciences passed with 40%
  • Two South African Languages passed with 40%
  • Must be a South African Citizen
  • Must be currently unemployed
  • Must be between 18–35 years of age
  • Must not have previously completed the same qualification/learnership at another company or organization
  • Candidates must be willing to commit for 12 months learnership program

How to Apply 

Apply Online for the Packaging Learnership Programme 2023 / 2024

Each candidate that is shortlisted has background check performed by the company, These people will also undergo all examinations. The organization holds the view that everyone benefits from learning and growth. 

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