Cape Town Torah High School: Learnership 2023

Cape Town Torah High School: Learnership 2023 and how to apply and closing date.

Cape Town Torah High School: Learnership 2023

Cape Town Torah High is currently looking for a suitable candidate for the Learnership Programme for 2nd Semester 2021, possibly into 2023. The programme is designed to offer each intern a range of opportunities for involvement in a number of facets of school life in order to gain valuable teaching and school experience.

The ideal candidate for this programme should:

  • Be registering or be eligible to register for a PGCE through correspondence in 2021/2023 and be interested in gaining professional experience in the workplace;
  • Be willing to teach within at least one learning area;
  • Be willing to be involved in specific school programmes and projects such as plays, field trips, hikes, sporting and outreach activities, where relevant and possible;
  • Have a passion for learning and see themselves working towards a permanent career in teaching.
  • Understand that as CTTH is a school that adheres to traditional values, teachers are expected to act in accordance with the spirit of these ideals, this includes modest attire and sensitivity to the beliefs of the school and students.

We encourage our students to be self-motivated, self-starters who ask, explore and understand, and we believe that this approach to education ensures our students learn at their own pace, are positioned at their ability level, and in so doing ensure that they do not fall behind due to conceptual/knowledge gaps but rather achieve their own personal best across all subjects.

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