Basil Read Limited Bursary 2023/2024 | How to Apply

Basil Read Limited Bursary Application 2023/2024, See How to apply for Basil Read Limited leadership program 2023/2024 here, requirements, eligibility, and application closing date 2023/2024.

bursary is a monetary award made by any educational institution or funding authority to individuals or groups. It is usually awarded to enable a student to attend school, university, or college when they might not be able to, otherwise. Some awards are aimed at encouraging specific groups or individuals into the study.

Basil Reads strives to engage with meaningful initiatives that contribute to the transformation of people.

Follow these easy steps to apply:

  • Complete the bursary application form (find attached) and send it.
  • Attach a passport-size photo of yourself to the application form.
  • Attach a formal quotation from the chosen training provider/institution.
  • Provide certified copies of the following documents:
  • Academic results / Statement of results
  • ID document
  • Certificates (if applicable)

Take note of the following:

  • Ensure to complete all sections in the bursary application form. Incomplete Applications Will Not Be Considered.
  • Basil Read will not undertake any responsibility for the safekeeping and/or return of any documents submitted with this application.
  • The closing date for bursary applications is: 31 August 2019 for 2020 bursaries.
  • Applications received after 31 August 2019 will not be considered.
  • Bursaries are only awarded for full-time study at tertiary institutions that were approved by Basil Read.

Basil Read Limited Bursary Application Details 2023/2024 | How to Apply

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