Late Application Form For Centurion Academy 2025/2026 | Apply Here

Admission for Centurion Academy Late Application 2025/2026: All the information you require to apply online and download the Centurion Academy Late Application Form 2025/2026 in PDF format is provided on this website.

Do you need the Central Applications Office (CAO) change of mind form 2025/2026, or are you seeking the Centurion Academy late applications form 2025/2026? Everything you need to know about Centurion Academy late applications and the CAO change of mind request form 2025/2026 PDF download is available on this website.

Centurion Academy Late Application Form 2025/2026 | How to Apply

You can apply for Centurion Academy late applications online or offline with the help of this page. Applications for admission to a variety of undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and diploma programmes are now being accepted online through Centurion Academy in 2025–2026.

One of the public institutions in South Africa that has been accredited and registered is Centurion Academy.

Note: No further applications will be accepted when the Centurion Academy application portal is formally closed. Thus, while the applications are still being accepted, act quickly and register.

Application forms are available online or at any Centurion Academy location, including campuses.>>>

For more information and inquiries, you can contact the Centurion Academy by visiting the official website above or the campus admission office.

Central Applications Office (CAO) Change of Mind Form.


When providing information to the public or potential students, CAO, its administrative departments, employees, or other associated individuals do so in good faith and may do so orally or in writing.

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In the event that the public and/or prospective students use this information against them, CAO shall not be liable for any loss, harm, special, indirect, or consequential damages, or expenses of any kind resulting from the use, interpretation, or application of this information.

Although CAO makes every effort to guarantee that the material is accurate, true, and free of errors, omissions, or misrepresentations, it cannot provide an explicit or implicit warranty for the aforementioned.

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This form is used when you want to:

1. Modify one or more of the programme selections you have already made.

2. Sort your options in a different order, for example, moving from number 4 to number 1.

3. Up to six programming selections can be added to your list of options.

4. Send in a new application for the upcoming year. You are able to modify your programme selections while extending your application for the upcoming year.

The cost is R135 to do any one of the above. Pay through EasyPay. Use the same EasyPay number that you used when you paid for your application, or pay by card at our office. If you have forgotten your EasyPay number, you may call the call centre provided below.

Please Note

  • Check your application status on under “My Application” BEFORE you complete this form.
  • Only until the R135 COM charge has been collected will these requests be handled.
  • No matter how many times this form is submitted, the cost is R135 in Grid B.
  • Fillable forms can be sent by email to [email protected]., brought in person to our office at Gate 11, Mary Thiphe Street, Cato Manor, Durban, or posted to the Central Applications Office, Private Bag X06, Dalbridge, 4014. 031 268 4444 is the number for our call centre. Please use the comment section for your queries regarding the Centurion Academy Late Application Form 2025/2026.BE SOCIAL BY SHARING THIS POST WITH OTHERS!


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